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2018-19 Tuition & Required Fees for High School

Fees and tuition are for the entire (both semesters) 2018-2019 school year. UNCSA does not require any additional charges associated with the verification of student identity.

*Tuition for in-state high school students is provided free of charge. The majority of remaining educational costs (text books, health and wellness services, room and board, social and cultural activities, etc.) is covered by the North Carolina High School Artists Grant. Direct Cost to the family for the 2018-2019 Academic Year is estimated to be $1,532 for commuter students and $2,820 for residential students. Tuition and fees are subject to change due to NC legislative action.

Tuition Rates
High School In-State* $0.00
High School Out-of-State $13,171
Room & Board Plans*
Double Occupancy $5,385
All Access Meal Plan Resident $4,701
10 Meal Weekly Plan Commuter $3,278
General Fees
Health Fee  
Health Center $596 
Counseling Services $286
High School Activity $745
Mail Center $57
Educational & Technology  $704
Teaching and Learning Center $165
One Card System $73
IT Maintenance $446
Campus Security Fee $30
Insurance (required)
Mandatory Major Health Insurance — unless waiver is submitted online each semester (before deadline) at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Waiver not applicable to foreign students. $2587.76
School Special Fees (applicable by school)
School of Dance Students  
Dance Performance $160
Injury Screening & Prevention $260
School of Design & Production Students $412
School of Drama $215
School of Music $695
Special Fees (all students)
University-wide Production Fee $257
Application Fees
Application Fee - Domestic $95
Application Fee - Foreign $130
Miscellaneous Fees
Transportation $669
Commuter Parking Decal $65
Orientation  $77
One Card  
New One Card $52
For Lost/Temporary ID Card, if needed $25
For Replacement One Card, if needed $15
For One Card Trade-In, if needed $5
Graduation Fee (seniors only) $75
Replacement Diploma $50
Transcript Fee $7
High School Textbook Rental $125
Returned Check Fee $25