Faculty Council

The UNCSA Faculty Council serves as the executive committee of the faculty, and is convened between meetings of the faculty to advise the Chancellor on matters pertaining to the institution that are of interest and concern to the members of the faculty. Matters of interest brought to the Faculty Council are discharged to the five faculty standing committees: Campus Development, Educational Policies, Faculty Development, Faculty Rank, and Faculty Welfare. In turn, analysis and advice conveyed to the Faculty Council by these standing committees is communicated to the Chancellor and the faculty as deemed appropriate. Actions are reported in the Council's minutes, reports, motions and resolutions.

2021-22 Officers

Chair – Josh Selander
Vice Chair – Lauren Vilchik
Secretary –  Marci Harvey

Faculty Council Roster

Dance: Jared Redick
Drama: Andy Paris
Design & Production: Josh Selander
Filmmaking: Lauren Vilchik
Music: Kevin Lawrence
High School Academic Program: Martha Golden
Division of Liberal Arts: Janna Levin
At-Large: Allison Gagnon (Year 2 of 2)
At-Large: Joanne Moore (Year 1 of 2)
At-Large: Abby Yager (Year 1 of 2)
Library: Kait Dorsky
Adjunct Faculty: Vacant. 

Chair, Campus Development: Michael Dodds (ex-officio)
Chair, Educational Policies Committee: Renata Jackson (ex-officio)
Chair, Faculty Development: Rosemary Millar (ex-officio)
Chair, Faculty Rank: Eric Rimes (ex-officio)
Chair, Faculty Welfare: Marci Harvey (ex-officio)
Faculty Assembly Representative: Ellen Rosenberg (ex-officio)
Faculty Assembly Representative: Elizabeth Klaimon (ex-officio) 

Minutes, Reports, Motions and Resolutions