Honorary Degrees Policy #113

Policy #113 Approved: February 17, 2011
Honorary Degrees Policy
Policy #113
Source of Authority: UNC Code Appendix 1
Revision Authority: Board of Trustees
History: First Issued: February 17, 2011
Related Policies: Emeritus Status Policy #111
Responsible Offices: Chancellor
Effective Date: February 17, 2011

I. Purpose

UNCSA awards Honorary Doctoral Degrees to recognize individuals who have attained achievements of extraordinary and lasting distinction.

II. Scope

This policy will apply to all honorary degrees or distinctions conferred by UNCSA.

III. Definitions

IV. Policy

A. The Board of Trustees is responsible for approving all Honorary Degrees to be conferred by UNCSA, subject to such policies as may be established by the Board of Governors.

1. The Board of Trustees will make its selections of honorary degree recipients from nominations submitted to and recommended by the Provost.

2. The Provost will coordinate nominations with the Chancellor.

3. The Board of Trustees will confer the honorary doctoral degree of Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts.

B. Awards shall be based on an individual’s record of scholarship, creativity, leadership, humanitarian service or public service.

C. Honorary Doctoral Degrees shall not be awarded to members of UNCSA faculty, staff, Trustees or members of the Board of Governors, the Governor, or any other university, so long as the relationship exists.

V. Revision History

A. February 17, 2011 – Adopted by Board of Trustees as part of UNCSA Policy Manual