“Windows,” the first release from UNCSA Media, embraces virtuosity, diversity and reflection.

The compilation features works by four contemporary composers performed by UNCSA School of Music faculty artists in an eclectic program that binds together different genres, aesthetics, instrumentation and compositional styles.

Featured on the album are Reena Esmail's Hindustani-inspired quintet, “Khirkiyaan (Windows)” three transformations for brass quintet (2017); Jessie Montgomery's ode to friendship and adventure, Duo for violin and cello (2015); and a jazz-inspired trio by esteemed composer Valerie Coleman, Trio Toccata for oboe, bassoon and piano (2014). The album also presents the world premiere recording of Kamala Sankaram's new witty song cycle, “A Certain Age” for mezzo-soprano, bassoon, and piano (2023), featuring the whimsical and poignant poems of Judith Viorst (“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”), former U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan and Dorothy Parker.

“Windows” allows us to see a new future of contemporary classical music, expanding the genre and shining a light on today’s most exciting composers.

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"Windows" tracklist

Khirkiyaan (Windows) three transformations for brass quintet (2017) by Reena Esmail

Performed by: Watson Brass Quintet, David Dash (trumpet), Mary Elizabeth Bowden (trumpet), Maria Serkin (horn), John Ilika (trombone) and Seth Horner (tuba)

1. (Jog) Vibrant
2. (Joota) Barcarolle
3. (Tuttarana) Vibrant and Energetic

Duo for violin and cello (2015) by Jessie Montgomery

Performed by: Janet Orenstein (violin) and Brooks Whitehouse (cello)

4. Meandering
5. Dirge
6. Presto

A Certain Age Song Cycle for mezzo-soprano, bassoon, and piano (2023) by Kamala Sankaram

Lyrics by: Dorothy Parker, Judith Viorst and Kay Ryan. Performed by: Phyllis Pancella (mezzo soprano), Stephanie Patterson (bassoon) and Allison Gagnon (piano).

7. Indian Summer
8. Wild Thing
9. Alphabet
10. The Best of It
11. Happiness (Reconsidered)

Trio Toccata for oboe, bassoon and piano (2014) by Valerie Coleman

Performed by: Jaren Atherholt (oboe), Saxton Rose (bassoon) and Dmitri Vorobiev (pianio).

12. Trio Toccata for oboe, bassoon and piano

Meet the Composers

Valerie Coleman
Valerie Coleman
Flutist and Composer
Reena Esmail
Reena Esmail
Jessie Montgomery
Jessie Montgomery
Composer and Violinist
Kamala Sankaram
Kamala Sankaram