Storytelling Through the Arts and Reflection (STAR)

Storytelling Through the Arts and Reflection (STAR)

Welcome to STAR: Storytelling through the Arts and Reflection. At the cosmic crossroads of dreaming/becoming, social and planetary healing, we are looking for your submissions!

At UNCSA, we live in the practices of the creative and performing arts, the humanities and crafts. We are uniquely prepared to tell our stories. Share your narratives in all mediums, your self-reflections and your explorations of identity and cultural social transformations.

What began as a class project for students in Dr. Ellen Rosenberg’s Narrative Medicine and Creativity and the Artist classes, STAR now accepts submissions from UNCSA students, faculty and staff.


Below, explore a series of student responses to the personal challenges they experience as artists, craftspeople, master technicians and performers while attending a conservatory.