File a Report

File a Report

Should you experience or witness discrimination, harassment or retaliation, you have the option to file a report with UNCSA or the UNCSA Police.

Filing a report helps inform the university of concerning behavior and conduct and allows outreach to those directly affected to promote their safety and well-being. You have the option to file an anonymous report or a confidential report. You can also choose a report that will lead to either a university investigation or a criminal investigation.

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Learn more about the UNCSA policies, how to make a report and what happens next below.

Reporting Options

All UNCSA employees who learn about potential sexual misconduct are required to share that information with the Title IX Office. When reported conduct involves suspected abuse or neglect of a minor (under 18 years olds), the conduct is required to be reported to child protective services.

Report to Law Enforcement


You can report to law enforcement to learn more about options within their space and to file a police report.

On-campus emergency: 336-770-3362
Non-emergency number336-770-3321

Report to the University


You can report your experience to the University to seek support, resources, and remedies.

EmailValerie Thelen
Location: UNCSA Library, third floor, room 3209

Reporting Anonymously

You may make an anonymous report to the Title IX Office and/or UNCSA Police by using the contact information below and not disclosing your name or identifying information. However, please note that ability for UNCSA to respond or take further action may be impacted by the level of information available about the incident or the individuals involved.

Not sure where to report?

For assistance determining where to report a concern, you can contact the Title IX Office at 908-510-0563. Community members are also welcome to consider the following. Please note that reporting to these departments may not be confidential.

UNCSA campus

Safe at UNCSA

Ensuring the safety of our ocmmunity and providing support is a priority for UNCSA.