Report a Crime

The UNCSA Police Department is committed to providing a safe working, living, and learning environment. If you know of a crime or wish to report suspicious activity, either which has already happened or that is being planned, you can submit information on the following form.

If you do not wish your identity to be known, then do not type your name, email address and telephone number in the optional spaces provided on the form. However, please be advised that the IP address of the computer you are using to submit the form will be known. Information submitted on this form will be sent to the UNCSA Police Department.

Immediate threats, such as a crime that is in progress or a person that is acting as a threat to themselves or others, should be reported to the campus police by calling (336) 770-3362 or 55 from Campus Phone or by calling 911. You will not have to give your name, just the information.

You can report a crime by any of the following methods: