Accounts Payable & Travel

The Accounts Payable and Travel division of the Controller’s Office is responsible for monitoring and processing all non-salary financial obligations for the University community. Our goal is to consistently process payments in a timely manner so that vendor terms are honored and cash discounts are taken.

The department’s responsibility includes:

  • Processing vendor invoices for payment of goods and services that have been requisitioned on UNCSA purchase orders.
  • Processing and auditing departmental payment requests such as Direct Pay Requests, Travel Reimbursements and Petty Cash Reimbursement Requests.
  • Liquidating encumbrances
  • Distributing expenses to the appropriate Banner Finance funds
  • Maintaining archival records of all non-salary disbursement payments

Direct Pay Request Form


Travel Policies and Procedures

Refer to the Travel Manual for guidelines when traveling, authorization, reimbursement, funding, transportation and other travel expenses. Download and use the travel reimbursement form to ensure accurate calculations of expenses.

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Travel Card (T-Card) Program

The purpose of the UNCSA Travel Card (T-Card) Program is to simplify payment processes for UNCSA business travel, maintain accountability while reducing the cycle time, administrative and traveler burden of procurement procedures.



Travel at Your Fingertips

Mode of Transportation Transportation Rates Receipt Requirement


Actual Coach Fare Yes
Bus Actual Coach Fare Yes
Train Actual Coach Fare Yes
Parking and/or Storage Fees Actual Cost


Private Vehicle

$0.67 cents per mile

Yes Google Maps
Public Transportation $5 each one-way trip No
Rental Car Actual Cost Yes
Taxis and Shuttles Actual Cost Yes
Tolls Actual Cost Yes
Registration Fees Actual Cost Yes
Baggage Fees/Baggage Tips
Airport Skycaps $2 per bag No
Airport Shuttle drivers $2 per bag No
Parking/Auto Related/Hotels
Valets $2 per car No
Taxi Divers $5 max tip Yes

Subsistence Rates (Meal Allowances including tips)

Meal Allowances In State Out of State
Meals in Overnight Status
Breakfast: depart duty station prior to 6:00am $10.10 $10.10
Lunch: depart duty station prior to Noon (day of departure) or return to dity station after 2:00 p.m. (day of return). $13.30 $13.30
Dinner: depart duty station prior to 5:00 p.m. (day of departure) or return to duty station after 8:00 p.m. $23.10 $26.30
Lodging $89.10 $105.20
Maximum Allowed Daily Subsistence $135.60 $154.90

When will I be reimbursed or receive a check?

Direct deposits and check runs schedules are Wednesdays, but are subject to change due to summer hours, holidays and training. Campus will be notified of changes through a UNCSA Campus announcement.

Staff Contact

Gray Bobbitt
Accounting Technician
Sarah Rimawi
Disbursement Manager

The offices are located in the Administration Building. The fax number is 336-631-1233.