Guide for submitting late biweekly time sheet

Guide for submitting late biweekly time sheet

Employees should:

1.       Access the E-Z Arts Self-Service Portal.

Common employee identifying information that is needed when submitting Payroll forms and documents are your:

  • E-Z Arts ID (96#)
  • Job position and suffix number ‐ Located on the employee’s time sheet under the employee's name.

Both are located in the E-Z Arts portal.

2.  Activate your UNCSA email address and set your password.

This information will be required to submit changes to Payroll forms and documents via secure online links to the Dynamic Forms portal.

This information is located in E-Z Arts portal under the "Personal Information" tab.

If you do not know the password to your UNCSA email, or you are locked out of your account, please contact the IT Help Desk at 336‐770‐3300 or visit the Help Desk located on the Library's 1st Floor. Their hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

3.   Submit your time sheet for approval through E-Z Arts by the Employee Time Entry due date.

A printable copy of the Biweekly Payroll Calendar is available on the UNCSA Payroll website

A time sheet submittal reminder is sent to your UNCSA email at 8:30 a.m. every other Monday when your time sheet is due. You have until the end of the day at 5 p.m. to complete and submit your time sheet.

4.  Time sheets are to be completed for the exact dates and times of when the work actually occurred.

This is for accuracy of reporting and compliance to federal and state law. Time worked for one day should not be combined to time worked for another day. Time worked in a previous biweekly time period should not be added to time worked in a another biweekly time period.

5.   If you miss the deadline to submit a time sheet through E-Z Arts, a late time sheet must be submitted through the Payroll website secure online link.

The electronic biweekly late time sheet form link is available on the UNCSA Payroll website.

After clicking the Secure online form link, you will be redirected to a secured portal that will require your single sign‐on credentials (your UNCSA email and password).

6.  Payroll forms and documents should never be sent via email or fax.

The Payroll Office can only accept electronic tax and direct deposit documents through the Dynamic Forms secured portal links or the UNCSA Payroll webpage secure links.

7.   Supervisors approve biweekly time sheets after employee submission through E-Z Arts by the Supervisor Time Approval Due date, which occurs every other Tuesday by 5 p.m.

If you do not receive a system generated confirmation email that confirms that your time sheet has been approved by your supervisor, contact your supervisor immediately to ensure that your time sheet is approved for processing in the current payroll cycle to be paid timely.

8.   If you need to submit a late time sheet for a job that has ended, contact your supervisor.

The Payroll Office can only send a late time sheet link to you via request from your supervisor. The late time sheet will be processed once Human Resources temporarily re‐activates the job for the current payroll processing cycle.