Executive Team
School of Design & Production
Lydia Watt
Lydia Watt, President
Scene Design, '21
Lydia’s overall passion is to create memorable experiences that inspire, entertain and unite people. GSC is one of the ways she fulfils this purpose. She started her GSC journey as Secretary, then Vice President, before becoming President. Her studies began with architecture; she got her Bachelor of Architecture from NC State University. After working for a couple years, she pursued the study and practice of scene design in order to become a more well-rounded designer. Lydia is often in her studio, but during her breaks she enjoys catching up with friends, exploring the area, or spending time at home with her very friendly and lovable cat, Pepsi.
School of Design & Production
Lance Perl
Lance Perl, Vice President
Sound Design, '22
Lance is a passionate Sound Designer and Engineer. He holds a BA in Theatre with a concentration in Design and Technology and has a BA in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education from Brevard College. When he is not in the theatre, Lance is likely out in the woods getting lost in the beauty of nature. He’s been involved in the student government since high school. He believes he can make an impact advocating for student needs and considers his efforts a success if he is able to improve the experience for at least one student. He is rather outspoken and will help fight for change. Feel free to email him at perl.lj@artist.uncsa.edu) to talk further.
School of Filmmaking
Tyler Hawes
Tyler Hawes, Treasurer & Secretary
Film Music Composition, '21
Tyler is a musical machine with a special passion for combining aesthetics and sounds in somewhat unconventional ways. He began writing music at a very young age and, through performance, learned how to reach people through music. He is currently studying Film Music Composition in hopes to further hone his sonic storytelling capabilities and bring his sound to the screen. Tyler enjoys exploring the unknown, collecting strange instruments, and eating pizza forever.
School of Design & Production
Ana Aguilera
Ana Aguilera, Design & Production Representative
Technical Direction, '22

Ana is passionate about art and the magical power it has to make people feel and/or think, loves water and nature. She has a degree in Visual Arts and she is also a SCUBA instructor. If you can’t find her in D&P she is probably at the Makerspace in the Library, hiking or riding her bicycle.

School of Music
Billie Feather
Billie Feather, Music Representative
Guitar Performance, '21
Billie finds the greatest joy in collaborating and connecting with diverse artists across divisions to create an artistic community that uplifts and inspires others. A career Fighting Pickle, Billie attended UNCSA for her senior year of high school (2002) and her first undergraduate degree (2006) before obtaining a second undergraduate degree in Jazz Studies from North Carolina Central University. Not only a musician, Billie has a background in theatre, film, design and historical broadsword fencing. When not practicing her instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, and ukulele) you can find Billie songwriting, enjoying the outdoors, or slaying imaginary dragons with her broadsword. This is Billie’s first year on Graduate Student Council, and she’s thrilled to be a part of it!
School of Filmmaking
Camille Bourne
Camille Bourne, Filmmaking Representative
Creative Producing, '21

Camille grew up in the North Carolina film community and is pursuing her MFA in Creative Producing with the intention of encouraging more filmmakers to keep it local. She has worked for the City of New York, various television and feature productions, and restaurants all over; but the one thing she brings to every task is a love of learning, and she looks forward to fostering that spirit as GSC's Film Representative. She also works at a/perture, Winston-Salem's local independent cinema, and can often be found behind the counter in movie-themed t-shirts.