Instructions for Approvers for Biweekly Time Sheets

Supervisors deadlines for approving time sheets are noted on the biweekly time sheet calendar. The Return for Correction function should only be used when sufficient time exists to meet the deadline and you must notify the employee that the time sheet has been returned for a correction. Be sure to leave a comment before your return the employee's time sheet.

E-Z Arts Login     


  1. Log into E-Z Arts.
  2. Enter the secure area using your User ID and PIN. Your User is also known as your 96 number. If you are having trouble, contact the Help Desk or call 336-770-3300.
  3. Select the Employee tab. The Employee menu will display.
  4. Select the Time Sheet link on the left side of the window.
  5. Under My Choice column, Approve or Acknowledge Time.
    Note: If you're acting on behalf of another Approver, select the appropriate choice from the Act as Proxy drop-down box.
  6. Select Select button.
  7. Select the proper Pay Period and Status from the drop-down menu.
  8. Select the Sort Order type.
  9. Select Select.

Reviewing & Approving a Time Sheet

  1. In the Other Information column, look for the links such as "Comments" or "Account Distribution."
  2. In the Name and Position column, click the employee's name.
  3. Review the submitted time sheet in detail. Be sure to scroll down to view all information.
  4. Select the Approve button (or Return time sheet for correction, if needed). If you select Approve, the page will display a message that the time sheet was approved.
  5. Select the Previous Menu button to return to the Approver Summary Page.

Returning a Time Sheet for Correction

If any errors are found on an employee's time sheet, it must be returned for corrections as follows:

  1. Select Add Comment.
  2. Type a message to the employee explaining what corrections are needed before the time sheet can be approved.
  3. After completing the comment, select the Save.
  4. Select the Previous Menu button to return to the employees' time sheet.
  5. Select Return for Correction.
  6. Select Previous Menu to return to the Approver Summary Page.
  7. Notify the employee via email, phone and/or verbally when their time sheet has been returned for correction. Employees will not know their time sheet has been returned to them unless they go to E-Z Arts and access the time sheet or are notified by you that corrections need to be made.

Overriding a Time Sheet

An Approver may need to make a correction to an employee's time sheet, depending upon deadline status.

  1. Select Change Time Record link in the Other Information column.
  2. Select the link for the hours or entry to be changed.
  3. Type the correct hours or entry.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select Comments.
  6. Type a message indicating the corrections that have been made.
  7. Select Previous Menu to return to time sheet.
  8. Select Approve. The page will display a message that the time sheet was approved. Also, the "Touting Queue" section will be populated with your name reflected as the approver.
  9. Select Previous Menu to return to Approver Summary page.

Designating a Proxy

A proxy is a person who can approve time sheets on your behalf. To avoid potential delays in processing time sheets, please confirm with the employee or Human Resources that the individual is authorized to approve time sheets before continuing with the proxy set up.

  1. On the Section Criteria page, select Proxy Set Up located at the bottom of the page.
  2. From the Name drop-down box, select the person you want designated as proxy.
  3. Select the dot under Add.
  4. Select Save.