Medical Emergency

If you are able to, please contact UNCSA Police immediately in a medical emergency and follow the instructions of the communications officer.

  • UNCSA Police are all trained first responders and our response time on campus is faster than any other agency.
  • We carry emergency medical equipment in our vehicles to perform first aid, or CPR, if necessary.
  • As soon as we are contacted, the communications center can be in immediate contact with fire/EMS and then relay information to them as they are responding to the scene. This includes patient status information and the best route to use entering/on campus in response.

If you do call UNCSA Police with a medical emergency the information we will need immediately: 

  • Location and nature of the medical emergency (Is the subject conscious? Responsive/talking? Have wounds/injuries? Etc.)
  • If known, the name of the subject needing assistance.
  • Any known medical history or information.