Suspicious Person

Each of us must take responsibility for making the campus a safer environment. Reporting suspicious persons and behaviors is an important action you can take to help the police keep the campus safe. The UNCSA Police is available by phone 24 hours a day at 336-770-3362 or by dialing 55 from an on-campus phone line.

Suspicious behavior on campus can also be reported using one of the several blue-light Emergency Call Boxes on campus. Just push the button and you will be connected directly to a dispatcher at the UNCSA Police Department.

The following are some examples of behaviors that could be considered suspicious:

  • Persons monitoring areas, entrances to buildings or buildings
  • Persons pacing back and forth who appear to be dazed or confused
  • A person pulling on multiple doorknobs or trying to open residence hall/office rooms
  • A person pulling on car door handles or looking into multiple vehicles
  • Persons speaking incoherently
  • Persons wandering in residence halls or buildings that appear to have no legitimate purpose
  • Unauthorized persons in restricted areas
  • You witness an individual you do not recognize going from room to room or office to office.
  • An individual acting belligerent or hostile toward others.
  • A person exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms; person may be injured or under the influence of drugs
  • Solicitation on campus


  • Report to UNCSA Police immediately. Call 55 from campus phone or 336-770-3362 from other phone.
  • Provide to Police:
    • Give your name, address, and phone number or you can remain anonymous.
    • Description of suspicious person (sex, age, race, weight, distinctive characteristics).
    • Direction of travel.
    • Any weapon?
    • What is the suspicious behavior?
    • Description of vehicle and license plate number?

Do Not

  • Physically confront the person.
  • Let the person into a locked building or office.
  • Block the person's exit.