Lockdown and Shelter-in-Place


Stay where you are, allow no entry into your location. Activate all locking mechanisms. In the case of a:

Procedures to follow when UNCSA is on lockdown:

  • Clear hallways and rooms that cannot be secured
  • Stay quiet and out of sight
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Stay away from all doors and windows
  • Close blinds
  • Cut off lights
  • Cut off or silence all electronic devices
  • Barricade doors with the heaviest objects available (desks, chairs)
  • Wait for the “all clear” to leave your area


Seek immediate shelter in a safe location away from potential hazards. In the case of: 

Communication Channels

Communication channels for lockdown and/or shelter-in-place:

  • UNCSA Safety App (Rave Guardian): Use the Chat with Police feature, call Campus Police or 911 to share information pertaining to the emergency.
  • UNCSA ALERT (email, phone, text message, UNCSA Facebook and Twitter accounts, website)
  • Classroom alerts
  • Emergency outside speakers