Power Outage

Procedures to follow if a there is a power outage at UNCSA.

A power outage may seem relatively routine emergency situation, but loss of electricity can present a range of serious hazards and challenges. The following information is intended as a guide for students, faculty, staff and visitors to prepare in advance for outages and to respond appropriately if they occur.

Before a power outage

Power outage planning guidelines:

  • Ensure your contact information is updated in E-Z Arts Emergency Notification (UNCSA ALERT) tab to receive alerts. Download UNCSA Safety App (RAVE Guardian) and save UNCSA Police and Public Safety emergency number into your cellphone 336-770-3362.
  • Make a plan. Prepare an internal communications plan in your departmental Business Continuity plan to notify affected employees and students to include your departments response to a power outage or any emergency.
  • Supervisors should discuss with employees the conditions to take into consideration when determining when to relocate:
    1. Duration of power outage, ex. one hour or more
    2. Are temperatures below 65 degrees or above 80 degrees?
    3. Is running water available? ex. can you wash your hands?
    4. Can you access the internet or email?
    5. Can you gain access to your building? ex. one card access
    6. Do you have visitors present in your building?
    7. Do you have scheduled events or meetings?

During a power outage

Put Power Outage plan into action.

Report the outage:

  1. Call UNCSA Police and Public Safety at 336-770-3362 or utilize the UNCSA Safety App (Rave Guardian) chat with police feature. Report locations without power, emergencies or large number of visitors or patrons.
  2. Put plan into action for power outage.

What to expect from UNCSA during a power outage

UNCSA Police and Public Safety will send an UNCSA ALERT about power outage until power is restored. For extended power outages affecting majority of campus will require coordination response from the Incident Management Team (IMT).

After a power outage

Resume normal operations.  

Faculty and Staff

After power is restored and normal operations have resumed, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of how the incident and revise your departmental Business Continuity Plan as needed. Contact Emergency Management with any questions.

Leave Report

Normal pay continues, if work relocation is approved by supervisor due to power outage.

How to report damage equipment

Email Jeanette Valentine, Director of Purchasing, Contract, and Auxiliary Services valentinej@uncsa.edu. and provide the following:

  • Damaged equipment
  • Reason for the damages (if known)
  • Location of equipment

Duke Energy Outage Map