Severe Weather

StormReady UniversityStormReady Universities are better prepared to save lives from the onslaught of severe weather through advanced planning, education and awareness.

Watch vs. Warning

Watch: is severe weather that is likely to occur and conditions are favorable for dangerous weather.  During a watch, it’s highly recommended to monitor the weather for any major changes. 

Warning: is issued when severe weather is occurring and has been reported.  You should act immediately to protect yourself by sheltering in place. 

Weather Notifications

In the event of severe weather the UNCSA Police will:

  • Activate UNCSA ALERT (email, phone, text message, UNCSA Facebook & Twitter, and website).
  • Use outside loud speakers.
  • Send officers into buildings to make notifications.

When circumstances first appear to be threatening, all departments are encouraged to monitor local radio and/or television stations for up-to-date weather information. The UNCSA Department of Police & Public Safety will send a “return to normal operations” message via UNCSA ALERT when the threat has officially passed.