Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Finance and Administration has engaged with internal and external stakeholders to better understand the expectations of the campus community and, through this process, developed three strategic pillars that encapsulate “Operational Excellence.”


Finance and Administration values its campus stakeholders and seeks to develop relationships with and provide exemplary customer service to each through our daily operations. At the core of this connection is the development and use of effective channels of communication that foster both transparency and an openness to feedback. Initiatives include:

  • Administrative Council serves as an opportunity for all stakeholders to hear the most recent updates from Finance and Administration, give feedback on any issues they are encountering, and ask any questions of Division leadership.
  • The Digital Feedback Box allows campus stakeholders to ask questions, seek answers and provide feedback anonymously if they so choose.
  • Departments within Finance and Administration will develop and measure key performance metrics, particularly focused on achieving strong customer service division wide. 


In order to retain its talented workforce, Finance and Administration respects, supports, and empowers all employees within the Division and throughout campus. Employees should feel a sense of ownership over what they do for UNCSA and feel valued as a Finance and Administration team member.
Initiatives include:

  • The Finance and Administration Advisory Board is a primarily internal group of employees representing all areas of the division that serves as a think tank and sounding board for division initiatives. Members serve as liaisons to their respective areas.
  • In addition to the systemwide engagement survey, Financial and Administration will use regular pulse surveys to measure engagement and receive feedback from staff. Results are to be shared with staff to ensure transparency and accountability towards improvement.


With eyes on the future and institutional sustainability, Finance and Administration seeks to continually enhance its business practices and the divisions’ employee skill base. Initiatives include:

  • Finance and Administration takes a key role in campus training initiatives by offering functional training and encouraging professional development to the greatest extent possible.
  • Business practices, processes, policies and procedures will undergo regular and continued scrutiny for any enhancement opportunities, particularly in ways that ease workload of our campus stakeholders.
  • The Finance and Administration Advisory Board reviews and advises on enhancements earlier and throughout development.