Safety Resources

Safety Resources

The UNCSA Police and Public Safety Department, along with other campus departments, offer resources for the campus community to prepare for an emergency or to use in an emergency. 

UNCSA Safety App

The UNCSA Safety App uses the Rave Guardian platform which allows users to remain anonymous or share their locations, have two-way contact with communications officers, use a campus virtual safety escort, and have quick access to campus resource information and emergency calls. Both Apple and Android users can download the app from their app stores and register with their campus information. The Safety App can only be downloaded by UNCSA students and employees.

A.L.I.C.E. Training

A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training provides a set of actions that can be used to stay safe in the event of a violent intruder. It is a pioneer program in active shooter preparation training in our country. The Police Department has multiple certified A.L.I.C.E. instructors in our department and have trained a number of faculty and staff in the program. Every fall, we introduce our active shooter response for all new students and parents who attend orientation. We also train Residence Life staffers annually in active shooter response, and practice various scenarios throughout the year. And newly hired employees receive an introduction during their orientation. 

If you are interested in providing A.L.I.C.E. training for your arts school or department, please coordinate through your department head. Contact Emergency Management Coordinator Clarisse Davis at or call 336-770-3321 for more information about A.L.I.C.E. and to request training. 


In partnership with the High School Academic Program, the Police Department organizes an active threat drill for the high school, which is similar to other public school drills, on an annual basis. Regular fire safety drills also take place in the high school residence halls.

Emergency Call Boxes

Distinguished by blue lights on top, “Assistance” and “Emergency” Call Boxes are located across campus. They can be used to immediately communicate with UNCSA Police in the event of an emergency. The Call Box loudspeakers can also broadcast messages and instructions for dealing with emergency situations, from a hazardous materials release to an armed intruder. Locations of the call boxes are being added to our online campus map. We have been able to begin investing in updating these call boxes to the new Assistance Blue Light Towers, providing more reliable service and faster response from our Communications Center, which also shortens the time between your need and our services. How to activate emergency call box on campus.


UNCSA’s emergency notification system, UNCSA ALERT, is used for time-sensitive emergency notifications involving imminent or ongoing threats to our campus. To keep you in the know, we also send Safety Notices, such as car thefts off-campus, via UNCSA ALERT. UNCSA ALERT utilizes a variety of communication channels to reach the most faculty, staff and students possible, as soon as possible: text messages, emails and phone calls, as well as the UNCSA website (red bar across homepage), and the UNCSA Facebook and Twitter pages.

Students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled through their Banner (E-Z Arts) information and will be prompted to update this information on a regular basis. Parents and guardians can also sign up for UNCSA ALERT. 

Emergency Response Guidelines

Our Police and Public Safety webpage features guidelines for what to do in case of an emergency. These Emergency Response Guidelines are provided for quick reference in the event of an active shooter, bomb threat, severe weather, or other emergency situation. We recommend you familiarize yourself with these guidelines in nonemergency situations.

Panic Alarms, Cameras, Access Control

Some offices are equipped with panic buttons. This is a service extension of the burglar alarm system in some buildings. Panic buttons provide silent notification to UNCSA Police of a disturbance or need for assistance. Burglar alarms are strategically managed to protect specific areas. Cameras and Access Controls are also used in this way to protect property and aid in investigations.

Exterior Door Lock Controls

UNCSA facilities can easily be locked down to secure occupants from active threats to our campus. To support this effort, please do not prop open or lock in the push bars on exit doors.

UNCSA Mobile Credential

One Card has offers a mobile credential service for UNCSA. The mobile credential provides added layers of security and may substitute for using a One Card for door access or Meal Swipes around campus. 

Stay in the Know

Information regarding crime incidents on campus is available to you 24/7 on the Police Department’s Crime Log, posted for transparency and in compliance with the Clery Act. In addition, you can access and review the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF) on the same page. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook with @UNCSAPolice.

Please keep in mind our campus partner resources such as the Counseling Center and Title IX. Check out the Safe at UNCSA page for additional information about these resources.

Familiarize yourself with the list of services the Police and Public Safety Department provides. Please know that we are always open to improving our processes and procedures and receiving feedback. You can also email Chief Tommy McMasters at