The UNCSA Police Department offers the following services to the campus community:

Building Checks and Routine Patrols

UNCSA uniformed officers patrol the campus 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Officers may be on foot, in a vehicle or on a bicycle. If there is an increased threat in a particular area due to recent crime or suspicious activity, officers in addition to their regular patrol, may conduct extra directed patrol of that area with specific instructions on what activity or person(s) to look for while patrolling.

Officers not only check building exteriors, but also actively walk through building interiors on campus to physically check on the safety of persons and the security of restricted access areas. This activity is often underestimated in value to the campus. It is needed to help prevent risk or personal attacks or theft.

Traffic Control and Accident Investigations

Officers direct and monitor vehicular traffic on campus and adjacent roadways to campus. They enforce all relevant traffic laws, making traffic stops when appropriate. When vehicles are involved in accidents, officers investigate the circumstances and complete all reports.

Criminal Investigations

UNCSA uniformed and plainclothes police officers respond to crime scenes and conduct follow-up criminal investigations. This includes all aspects of a thorough investigation: evidence, interviews, reports, testimony, liaison with the District Attorney’s Office, etc.

Calls for Service Related to Criminal Activity and Emergency First Response

The Police Department is the primary means for emergency first response, for a crime of suspicious circumstance, medical emergency, burglar/fire alarm, or other critical incidents. Officers respond to a range of calls regarding possible criminal activity on the campus. This department has an excellent response time resulting in officers being on the scene in a matter of only a few minutes.

Arts School Requests

The Police Department reviews and approves requests regarding open flame permits, film shoot special effects and stunts, production prop weapons use, and location security needs, among others. There are also times when the Police Department has received shipments and stored items for security purposes on behalf of the faculty.

Safety Escorts

Students, faculty, and staff members who would like a safety escort from anywhere on campus can call and request an officer to respond. The first available officer will respond and escort the individual to the requested campus destination or to a location within one mile of campus. Escorts may be completed by vehicle, golf cart or by foot patrol.

Bicycle Registration

The Police Department will register bicycles on campus free of charge. Please use the link below to enter your bicycle information. Decals are available at Campus Police for your bicycle; however, they are not mandatory. In the event that your bicycle is lost or stolen, Campus Police has the ability to enter your information into a statewide system that helps identify the owner for recovery.

Registration is for UNCSA Students & Employees ONLY.

Stop by Campus Police and register your bicycle.

Property Engraving Program

The Police Department will engrave personal items (such as laptop computers) for students, faculty or staff. This will help identify the owner in the event the item is lost and recovered.

Emergency Response Training

The Police Department offers emergency response training to ensure our campus is prepared in the event of any emergency situation. The training is offered to all students and employees. The training consist of active shooter response, bomb threat, suspicious package, severe weather, etc.

Crime Alerts

Alerts are distributed throughout the campus via e-mail, text and/or written notification when deemed appropriate; for example, when a serious crime occurs on or near our campus and a potential threat has been identified.

Building and Vehicle Unlocks

If faculty, staff or students find they have forgotten their building access card or room key, or have locked themselves out of their vehicle, UNCSA Police will assist. Proper identification and authorization are required for officers to provide the unlock service, as requested.

Coordinating and Responding to Alarms

The Police Department coordinated the planning, purchases, expansion, and maintenance of many of the alarms on campus. Officers are dispatched to the scene for any alarm activation, whether it is a burglar, fire, trouble or panic alarm. In the event of a fire alarm, hazardous materials, or rescue situation, there is a planned, coordinated response with the Winston-Salem Fire Department through a Mutual Aid Agreement.

Temporary One Cards

The One Card acts as the ID card, access card, meal plan card and prepaid flexible spending account for campus purchases and services. It should be carried at all times and presented for access to many campus facilities, services, campus-sponsored events, and more. When a One Card is lost or missing after normal business hours, the Police Department provides a temporary One Card to the person in need. This card allows them their normal One Card privileges until the next business day, when it can be permanently replaced by the One Card Office.

Physical and Mental Health Welfare Checks

In the event someone provides information that leads to concern about a student, faculty, or staff member’s welfare, officers conduct a welfare check on that individual. If the individual is not on campus and lives off-campus, the department contacts the police agency having jurisdiction for assistance. If appropriate, UNCSA Police will contact the Counseling Center for immediate assistance.

Informational Brochures and Educational Materials

The Police Department is responsible for developing and/or purchasing safety-related informational brochures for students, faculty, staff and parents. These materials are provided at various informational events throughout the year.

Parent, Student, and Staff Orientation

The Police Department make a presentation at parent, student, and selected employee orientations. In these sessions, police officers explain the roles, responsibilities and functions of the department. For student orientations, police officers also discuss North Carolina statutes, alcohol and drug abuse, and personal safety tips.

Anonymous Reporting

The Police Department maintains an anonymous tip line for community members to report anything of a public safety, police, or emergency management nature to us without having to identify themselves. A command officer takes responsibility for maintaining, collecting, and following-up on messages from that line.

Anonymous Tip Line: 336-770-1414

Crime Reporting

The state of North Carolina and the U.S. Department of Education both have mandated requirements for police agencies to report criminal activity that occurs in their jurisdictions. The Police Department prepares and submits all required crime reports. The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act is federal law that requires college and universities to disclose information about campus crime and security policies. We are required to disseminate (via Internet and/or written brochure) an annual report that contains the past three years of campus crime statistics, as well as certain security policy statements.

Annual Safety and Security Handbook

The Office of General Counsel Clery Coordinator prepares, publishes and distributes the U.S. Department of Education “CLERY” required UNC School of the Arts Campus Safety and Security Handbook on an annual basis. This requires keeping up-to-date on annual changes to the mandated requirements, as well as meeting the specified deadlines for compliance. UNCSA provides electronic as well as hard copies to the community. The Police and Public Safety Department supports the development of this document by providing needed data on our calls for service and investigations to the Clery Coordinator.

Driver License Verification

The Police Department conduct a driver’s license verification and driving record review to determine an individual’s eligibility to drive a state vehicle. A person shall not drive a state vehicle until this verification and review is conducted, and the employee/graduate student is approved. This process must be completed annually.