Undergraduate Checklist

You have plenty to do to get ready for the time ahead. Please follow the checklist below to complete your enrollment and prepare for the school year.

Every Student Must:

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To reserve your space in the fall class, UNCSA must receive your Enrollment deposit as soon as possible. Log in to the Applicant Portal to view your status page to pay.


A refund of a deposit will be granted if the request is made in writing and received in the Office of Admissions prior to May 1. No refunds will be issued after this date. If you are admitted after May 1 your payment must be received within 10 business days of receipt of your acceptance letter.

When your Enrollment Deposit is received you will be assigned a UNCSA Artist email account. You will receive an email with setup instructions. If you haven't received the instruction email, contact your Admissions counselor.

If you have any issues accessing your school email account, contact IT Technology Support at TechnologySupport@uncsa.edu or 336-770-3300

Once you have set up your account, please check it on a regular basis. You will be receiving important communication from various campus departments (such as Financial Aid, Registrar, etc.) as well as faculty and staff.

The Student Financial Aid office administers a full range of federal, state, university and private aid programs. Awards may be based on demonstrated need, talent or both. 

If you are applying for financial aid, you must have completed the FAFSA. The North Carolina priority filing date for financial aid for new students is March 1. You can still submit an application after the March 1 date but there will be fewer funds to distribute. In addition, be sure you are monitoring your E-Z Arts account. Financial Aid will be communicating with you through your E-Z Arts account.

Financial Aid Information

Note: International students are not eligible for any federally funded financial aid. International students can apply for UNCSA scholarships and grants. See types of financial aid. Due to the limited availability of funding, search and apply for scholarships and grants in your home country. Additional search resources are available, contact the international advisor at weingardenr@uncsa.edu.

Due to system issues, bill distribution for Fall 2021 is delayed until Wednesday, July 14. The payment due date of Thursday, August 5 remains unchanged.

A notice that your fall statement has been posted to our online billing site, TouchNet , will be emailed to your @artist.uncsa.edu email address on or before mid July. Any questions regarding your statement should be directed to the Student Accounts Office in the Bursar's Office at 336-770-1416.

If you would like a parent or other individual to have access to your billing information, you must enroll them as an Authorized User in TouchNet.

Payment Plans are now available through TouchNet and are offered on a semester-by-semester basis. The earlier you enroll, the more months you have to spread out payments. Prior to bill distribution, payment plans are based on self-reported estimates. Estimated charges can be found via a worksheet at sign-up, or by answering a few questions. Estimated Financial Aid can be found in E-Z Arts or by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

Students who have not paid their bill or enrolled in a payment plan by the due date are subject to a hold on their account, a late payment fee or other actions as outlined in UNCSA’s Student Payment Regulation 317.

Note: Fees are subject to change and may increase each year. You can review your tuition and fees through the office of Student Accounts in the Bursar's Office.

Bursar's Office

Arts School Classes

Online registration for your arts classes and Division of Liberal Arts classes will be announced as information is available. We are establishing necessary classroom changes that abide by physical distancing and capacity guidelines set by state and federal authorities and health officials.

The registration process varies depending on your arts school. Students will receive a letter from their arts school advising them of the registration process. If you have questions, see the Schools contact list to follow up with your arts school.

Advising for the Division of Liberal Arts sessions during orientation are for additional information, especially regarding AP and transfer credits. Familiarize what your advisor meetings will be like and what are your responsibilities as a student.

Meeting with your Advisor

If you have any questions about our registration systems, please contact the Office of the Registrar via email at registrar@uncsa.edu or by phone at 336-770-3289.

Included in the What to Pack section is art-school specific supplies and items for living in the residence halls.

What to Pack

You will receive from the Office of Residence Life Programs a link to fill out a housing application and contract via email. UNCSA requires that all full-time freshman and sophomore undergraduates live on campus and participate in the full meal plan with the following exceptions:

  • Married students
  • Students living with a dependent
  • Students living within a 25-mile radius of the campus at the time of enrollment
  • Graduate and Special (non-degree-seeking) students
  • Students who are or will turn 21 years or older at the time of enrollment

Students who meet any of the criteria listed above may apply for, but are not guaranteed, on-campus housing. In addition, students who are under the age of 18 at the time of enrollment will be contacted by Residence Life to fill out a Memorandum of Understanding prior to move-in day. Please refer to Residence Life for more information.

Apply for housing now

You must submit an official final transcript from all institutions you attended prior to enrolling. If graduating the transcript must show the date of graduation. This document should be sent to the Office of Admissions as soon as possible after you graduate or upon completion of your school year. If your transcript has not been received by August 1 you will have a hold placed on your record and you will not be able to enroll.

You may use our Final Transcript Request Form to request your end-of-year transcript from your current high school. Your school may have a different procedure for requesting transcripts, so check with your school counselor or administrator first.

Final Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Home Schooled Applicants
Home schooled applicants should provide documentation that the home school is recognized by the state of residency (if applicable) and should provide course titles and course descriptions for each year of home schooling, as well as, tests used or an assessment to show that the applicant has completed the equivalent of the UNC System minimum course requirements. If the applicant has attended a traditional high school, an official transcript from that school should be submitted.

The Division of Liberal Arts will accept Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate tests for college credit when the subjects meet undergraduate academic requirements in your particular arts program. Request that an official score report of all AP and IB tests be sent to the Division of Liberal Arts (CEEB #5512) at UNCSA.

You should submit an official transcript to the Office of Admissions if you have attended a college or community college, including if you were a dual enrolled student. Academic courses in which you have earned at least a “C” and which are equivalent to specific UNCSA undergraduate academic requirements for your arts program will be officially transferred to your UNCSA academic record when you have achieved a 2.0 grade point average in undergraduate academic courses at UNCSA. You can check on course transfer status using  Degree Works, accessible via E-Z Arts, after August 1. Review your course status before registering for liberal arts courses.

Log in to E-Z Arts

You are required to submit all Health Services documents by June 1, 2021, using the Student Health Portal. 

Student Health Portal

Health insurance is required for all students. The University offers Student Blue from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina or you can keep your current health insurance if you are covered by an individual plan or through a parent's plan. 

You must enroll into Student Blue or waive out of the insurance at studentbluenc.comThe deadline for Fall 2021 is September 10, 2021. Student Blue waiver and enrollment requests for Fall 2021 cannot be submitted after the decision deadline.

Enroll or Waive Student Blue Cross

Before coming on campus, you are required to complete the online courses:

  • Alcohol-Wise
  • Consent and Respect

Prevention Education Online Course Link

It should take you about an hour to complete.

Please email Natascha Romeo (romeon@uncsa.edu) with any questions.

Read the College Student Handbook to learn more about campus safety, student conduct violations, student rights, outcomes, and alcohol and other drug policy.

College Student Handbook



If you need or choose to:

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You can check for holds on your account by logging in to E-Z Arts.

Log in to E-Z Arts

After logging in, click on “Student” then “Student Records” and then “View Holds” to see which departments have placed holds on your account. 

Remember that when a department or office has placed a hold on your account, you will need to take action with that particular office right away. Only the department that places a hold can remove it

Among other restrictions, holds will prevent you from registering or changing your class schedule. Students who are indebted to UNCSA are not permitted to attend classes until the debt is settled.

It is recommended that you check for holds in your E-Z Arts account up through the first day of Orientation.

Information and links to student application for in-state residency, appeal procedure and residency application

RESIDENCY Status Guidelines

An orientation schedule will be posted  online to the Incoming Students Web page as information is available.

Orientation Schedule

Students with a valid driver's license wanting to park a vehicle on campus must complete a vehicle registration form each year and pay the required annual fee for a parking decal. F All drivers need to review the parking regulations and parking map for updated parking zone information. Parking is enforced with tickets, boots, and vehicle tows. Failure to comply with parking regulations may also result in registration and graduation holds.

Parking Portal

Photos may be uploaded July 12-August 6, 2021, to have your One Card waiting for you upon your arrival. If you don't upload a photo, a photo will be taken during your check-in/orientation process.

Upload One Card Photo

UNCSA students who are seeking accommodations in either the academic or living environment on campus need to submit disability-related documentation which meets the university guidelines to the following address:

Learning Resources
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
1533 S. Main St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

Email: learningresources@uncsa.edu

Fax: 336-726-6964

For information on the process for disclosing, requesting and receiving accommodations, along with the university’s documentation guidelines refer to Steps for Accommodations and/or additional information about services for students with disabilities. If you have questions or concerns, contact the Learning Resources Coordinator by email  learningresources@uncsa.edu.

Register to receive UNCSA Alert when logging into their E-Z Arts account. You will be redirected to update your personal contact information or opt out every semester in January and in July.


For more information and step-by-step instructions to register for UNCSA ALERT for students, parents or guardians visit the UNCSA Police website.

Join the rest of your incoming class on the 2025 Facebook Group