On-Call and Emergency Callback Regulation 622

Regulation 622 Approved: February 17, 2011
On-Call and Emergency Callback Regulation
Regulation 622
Source of Authority: Office of State Personnel Manual § 4 pp.69-71.3;
N.C.G.S. § 116-34(a);
UNC Code § 502(A)
Revision Authority: Chancellor
History: First Issued: February 17, 2011
Related Policies and Regulations: On-Call/Emergency Callback, OSP Manual § 4 pp. 69-71.3;
Adverse Weather Regulation 101;
Business Continuity Plan Regulation 104;
Compensatory Time Regulation 602;
Emergency Management Regulation 701;
Overtime Regulation 623;
Payroll Regulation 307
Responsible Offices: Human Resources Department
Effective Date: February 17, 2011

I. Purpose

It is the of the State of North Carolina & UNCSA to provide additional compensation to designated FLSA non-exempt employees who are required to serve in on-call status and/or who are called back to work.

II. Scope

This regulation applies to all UNCSA SHRA employees.

III. Definitions

A. “Emergency Callback” means when an employee has left the work site and is requested to respond on short notice (either by returning to work or via telephone/computer) to an emergency work situation to:

1. avoid significant service disruption;

2. avoid placing employees, students, or the public in unsafe situations;

3. protect and/or provide emergency services to property or equipment; OR

4. respond to emergencies with students or residents

B. “On-Call” means when an employee must remain available to be called back to work on short notice if the need arises.

IV. Regulation

A. It is the policy of UNCSA to defer to the North Carolina Office of State Personnel’s On-Call/Emergency Callback Policy, § 4 pp. 69-71.3 (http://www.osp.state.nc.us/manuals/oldpolicies/On-Call%20and%20Emergency%20Callback%2010-2008.pdf).

V. Revision History

A. February 17, 2011 – Adopted by Board of Trustees as part of UNCSA Policy Manual