Graduate Scenic Art

Graduate Scenic Art

A wall that needs to be stained glass or rich, velvety curtains, a block of foam that needs to become a gargoyle. None of these requests are a challenge for our graduate Scenic Art students. As one of two programs in the nation for graduate-level scenic art, our students represent some of the best talent in the field of scenic art.

Master of Fine Arts

First Year
Each year of the graduate Scenic Art concentration will consist of both classroom work, studio work and practical production experience. Classes in the first year will include those on scenic rendering, model building and foundations of scene painting. The graduate-level scene design course will emphasize the use of various stage spaces, research, visual presentation and integration with costumes and lighting. Each year you will be expected to commit a minimum of 20 hours a week in the scene shop working on at least 14 of the school’s productions.

Second Year
Classes will become progressively more complex throughout the concentration. In your second year, you will be taught advanced mechanical/perspective drawing, architecture concepts, and projects in translucent, transparent and opaque media. A trompe l’oeil course, focused on the technique and art of optical illusions in scenic art, will be introduced.

Third Year
Classes in wet media, scene painting, studio drawing and advanced trompe l’oeil will be offered in the third year. You will also assume the full responsibility for a production as a Scenic Charge, budgeting time and materials, doing samples and managing a crew. In addition to your classroom and studio work, much of your time will be spent on preparing your thesis, which will be an exploration of a chosen medium shared in a seminar and presented in a thesis paper.


Our graduate Scenic Art concentration can lead you to careers as scenic artists or scenic charges for various venues, programs and groups. Some of our graduates have chosen paths in academia and as curators for cultural centers where their creativity and skills can still shine. Nearly all of UNCSA’s alumni find jobs in their chosen field, so no matter what path you choose, your degree and portfolio will speak volumes.

Scenic Art Faculty
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