Undergraduate Lighting

Undergraduate Lighting

All we see is reflected light. The creation of the stage picture is shaped and unified by the light that illuminates the scene. At the University of North Carolina School of the Arts the lighting program explores the aesthetic, technical and practical use of lighting in the modern entertainment industry.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

First-Second Years
Throughout our Undergraduate Lighting program, you will progress from classroom instruction to lab work to practical production experience. Your first two years will consist of learning the building blocks of lighting design and technology. Classes cover topics such as color, design, drafting, drawing, principles of lighting design, stage electrics, photometrics, fixed and automated luminaries, computer-aided design and production management. As part of your degree, you will take liberal arts courses.

Third-Fourth Years
Entering your third year, you will choose either the Lighting Design or Lighting Technology tracks, based on interests and abilities. Classroom and laboratory work will allow you to gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology. As you progress through the program, you will be given more responsibility and creative liberty to design and implement the lighting for the school’s 20-plus productions each year.

No one performing art dominates the Lighting curriculum. You will be able to participate in all types of productions and genres, from classical to contemporary plays, ballet to modern dance performances, operas and even special architectural assignments. The Lighting program is made more enriching by the variety of venues in which you will work, testing and honing your skills and creativity at every turn. 

During your senior year students have the opportunity of designing and installing the Winston-Salem Light Project, a public art project employing various lighting media and projection to illustrate the importance of light as an artistic medium in urban settings. Since 2009, the project has reached more than 15,000 people.

Careers in Lighting

Since every arts performance requires some form of lighting, you can find our Lighting degree program graduates in a wide variety of positions throughout the nation, including work with Cirque de Soleil, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Broadway’s Walter Kerr Theater, World Stage, Hudson Scenic and The Walt Disney Company.

Lighting Faculty
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On the Screen
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