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Visual Arts Summer Intensive Curriculum

Visual Arts Summer Intensive Curriculum

Drawing and Design

A variety of two-dimensional challenges are explored during the Visual Arts Summer Intensive. Realistic, abstract, and non-objective assignments help to develop visual problem-solving skills in a variety of media and to sharpen a sense of optical awareness and craftsmanship. Studies addressing line, value, proportion, perspective, principles of design, and layout are employed to facilitate artistic interpretation and compositional control. Curricular material is introduced through demonstrations, film and slide lectures, personal instruction, and full class critiques.


Students use a variety of concepts, media and techniques to plan and articulate three-dimensional space. Along with hands-on experience, there is an emphasis on sketchbooks, journals and the development of a vocabulary to help in understanding and analyzing artwork. Lectures, discussions and research projects enable students to investigate current and historical trends and styles in sculpture. By the end of the program, students will have made progress toward developing their personal expression in form.