Visual Arts Summer Intensive Curriculum

Visual Arts Summer Intensive Curriculum


Professor of Design - Kaitlin Wilson Botts

This studio course is an introduction to the basic elements of design, focusing on the application of these elements in a series of two-dimensional assignments which involve visual problem-solving and graphic decision-making. A variety of black-and-white (and color) media will be used with an emphasis on the development of vocabulary, refinement of craft, and introduction to foundational elements of design.

Realistic, abstract, and non-objective assignments help to develop visual problem-solving skills in a variety of media and to sharpen a sense of optical awareness and craftsmanship. Studies addressing line, value, proportion, perspective, principles of design, and layout are employed to facilitate artistic interpretation and compositional control. Curricular material is introduced through demonstrations, lectures, personal instruction, and full class critiques.


Assistant Dean, Director of Visual Arts - Will Taylor

This studio course is designed to provide students with a solid drawing foundation, including elements of line, gesture, shape, value, texture, space, scale, proportion, composition, and perspective. This course utilizes a variety of media and techniques in the exploration of two-dimensional space as it pertains to drawing as an art form, as well as a means to express and convey ideas relevant to students’ course of study.  In addition, students will develop their ability to articulate the ideas, options, obstacles, and motivations that direct the drawing process.  Assignments and exercises will be introduced to develop technical skills and broaden conceptual thinking.  Formal critique sessions as well as class discussions will be vital components of this course.