Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship

Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship

The minor degree program at UNCSA is intended to offer students the opportunity to delve more deeply into a subject of interest to them that is in addition to their major field of study. The minor degree program is something that students elect to apply for, but which is purely optional. Students are eligible to apply for the minor program after successful completion of their first year of study. The first academic minor degree being offered is a Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. 

Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship

Program Description

The Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship has been designed to provide students the opportunity to explore and gain experience in a variety of areas related to the business aspects of the arts. UNCSA recognizes that many students graduating today are interested in gaining experience in a broad range of skills that will serve to supplement their academic training and artistic development. These skills include areas such as managing one’s personal finances, understanding basic business concepts, including fundamentals of management and accounting, honing negotiating skills, understanding and navigating the economic environment, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit. 

In today’s increasingly complex and competitive environment, possessing the ability to identify, create, and execute entrepreneurial ideas that are outside of the traditional performance space is crucial. This ability will serve to provide our emerging student artists with the tools, resources, and confidence to create opportunities for themselves by utilizing new and innovative partnerships and collaborations, and incorporating new and emerging technologies into their work. Graduates will also benefit from learning how to seek funding resources for these new creative endeavors, from both traditional and non-traditional sources. 

Summary of Arts Entrepreneurship Minor Requirements

  • Must complete 15 credit hours from a list of approved program courses
  • Approved courses include four courses with the ARM prefix within the Division of Liberal Arts, plus one pre-approved course in mathematics (an AP course in math may be used to satisfy the math requirement, upon approval of the arts entrepreneurship program coordinator)
  • Approved ARM courses currently listed in the DLA curriculum include:
    • ARM 1000: Introduction to Arts Management
    • ARM 2000: Entrepreneurship
    • ARM 2020: Negotiation
    • ARM 2050: Personal Finance for the Artist
    • Certain pre-approved Special Topics courses which may be offered from time-to-time
  • Certain courses offered through the arts schools may be used, in part, to satisfy the 15-credit requirement, upon pre-approval of the Arts Entrepreneurship minor coordinator
  • Six of the 15 credits must be taken above and beyond the 30-credit hour DLA general education requirement
  • All coursework toward the minor must be completed within the student’s regular major degree program timeframe and cannot be extended beyond the conferring of a student’s major degree

Please note that this is a summary of the Arts Entrepreneurship minor program only. Complete program requirements are listed in, and governed by, the current UNCSA Undergraduate Bulletin.

Application Requirements

Acceptance into the Arts Entrepreneurship minor program is a privilege, not a right. Students must apply for, and be accepted into, the program. Following is a summary of the requirements for acceptance into the Arts Entrepreneurship minor program:
  • Must have at least C2 (2nd year) standing or greater to apply for, and to be accepted into, the program
  • Must submit a formal application for the Arts Entrepreneurship minor program (details below)
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater (combined arts and academics) at the time of application for the minor
  • Must be in good standing with the school, as evidenced by approval of the application by the respective arts school’s dean (or their designate), the Division of Liberal Arts, and Student Conduct
  • There is no prerequisite academic work required in order to be considered for acceptance into the arts entrepreneurship minor program

Application Procedures

Students who have met the application criteria and are interested in applying for admission into the Arts Entrepreneurship minor program must complete an online application. Applications may be submitted any time after the completion of a student’s first year.


Further Information

For further information on any aspect of the minor in Arts Entrepreneurship, please contact the Interim Program Coordinator, Dr. Mike Wakeford, at wakefordm@uncsa.edu.