Student Government Association

Student Government Association

Nic Brown

Nic Brown
Student Body President
School of Drama '22
North Carolina

Jenna Cusack

Jenna Cusack
Student Body Vice President
School of Filmmaking '22

UNCSA’s Student Government Association (SGA) serves as an advocacy-centered governance model where the Student Body President and members of SGA focus their time and energy on observing, listening, and responding to student feedback, questions, and concerns. SGA continues to prove itself as a respected and reliable resource for the students of UNCSA.

SGA Executives serve as the primary student representatives on campus committees with staff, faculty, and executive leadership. They meet weekly as a team to discuss current student concerns, committee progress on various student services/concerns, and the results of their conversations with key leaders of UNCSA’s administration.

Student Government Association Constitution

Executive Team
School of Dance '22
Taylor Pinney
Taylor Pinney (she, her, hers)
North Carolina
I am a contemporary dance major from Greenville, NC. I am super excited to be part of the Executive Team with the ambition of being a voice for my peers while also getting more involved in the behind-the-scenes aspect of our campus. I hope to encourage growth in our community through creativity, collaboration, inclusion and communication.
School of Filmmaking '23
Rohit Lila Ram
Rohit Lila Ram (he, him, his)
Students at UNCSA are self-motivated, dedicated and work with positive energy, and I call our students as "sustainable artists." I joined SGA to be a unique and relatable voice to maintain and flourish our artistic legacy. I hope to work and enrich the experience of our student community.
School of Design & Production '23
Kayli Kimmer
Kayli Kimerer (she, her, hers)
As an Executive in our Student Government, I want to make our campus a happy and safe place for all of us, I am here to fix any problem, no matter how big or small. Next year in Student Government, I plan to provide servant leadership and protect my fellow classmate's voices. 
School of Music '23
William Brickhouse
William Brickhouse (he, him, his)
North Carolina
At UNCSA we are artists that come from all different disciplines. I joined SGA because I wanted to help each and every student by allowing their voice to be heard, acting as a liaison between the student body and the administration to create positive change for our University, and to help our campus be best equipped for our wide variety of artists. I want to see all of us to succeed in the best atmosphere possible!
School of Dance '23
Sophia Pielet
Sophia Pielet (she, her, hers)
I am excited to be on the SGA executive team. I was born and raised in Greenville, SC for 12 years until I moved to El Paso, TX. I am a contemporary dance major and I am very passionate about the power of the arts in my community and in the world. I joined SGA to be part of a larger community that works to better the student live and campus at UNCSA. I look forward to working with a team of passionate leaders who are extremely driven. My goal is to bring my passion for art and previous experience to the team in hopes of making the voices of the UNCSA community heard.