Composition/Music Technology Faculty


Dr. Michael Rothkopf

Michael Rothkopf

Michael S. Rothkopf is a composer of over 50 works of chamber, electronic, orchestral and vocal music. His compositions have been noted for their "remarkable sensuousness" and their evocative ability to create a "sense of time and occasion." He has focused on creating interactive music involving digital technology and artificial intelligence as part of the compositional design. Dr. Rothkopf was on the faculty at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts from 1991-2022.  He was awarded the University of North Carolina School of the Arts Excellence in Teaching award in 2017.  He also served as Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs and as the Dean of Music.  As a teacher, he believes in listening to his students so as to understand their ideas, their perspective and their creative world. He also believes that concepts and ideas engage learners, when presented in a clear, organized manner and that ideas presented in the abstract must be put into practice in order to be embraced and made real for learners.