Organ Intensive

Organ Intensive

Pipe Organ Encounter (sponsored by the American Guild or Organists)

Pipe Organ Encounter July 17 - 23, 2022

A Pipe Organ Encounter (POE) is a 4-5 day event that introduces participants to the world of the pipe organ.

  • Participants are admitted to POEs on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of attendance at prior POEs, and regardless of state or country of residence, as long as they meet the following eligibility guidelines:
    • Participants should be aged 13-18
    • Should be interested in the pipe organ
    • Should have piano or organ proficiency ranging from intermediate to advanced

Pipe Organ Encounter provides

  • an opportunity for participants to have individual and group instruction in the basic rudiments of pipe organ technique and service playing
  • a general overview of organ literature, history, pipe organ construction and design, improvisation and other related topics.
  • an opportunity for participation in ecumenical worship, so as to experience the role of the sacred musician.
  • most of all, a unique opportunity for participants to meet and interact with peers who have similar interests.

Registration will be via the AGO website beginning in December 2021. A link will be posted here when it comes available.

Contact POE Director, Timothy Olsen, with questions.
Timothy Olsen