Summer Voice Intensive

Summer Voice Intensive

The Voice Summer Intensive has been cancelled for Summer 2021. Please check this page in Fall for information about the Summer 2022 program.

Join UNCSA voice faculty, alumni, and guest artists for a three-week journey as we explore your individual voice through lessons, group voice classes, Alexander Technique, yoga, music theory, aural skills, stage combat, drama and improv.

Using varying musical styles (primarily classical art song, opera, and musical theater), we'll enhance your technique, build upon your existing foundation and fuel your passion to be a complete artist and singing actor!

This year, Summer Voice at UNCSA will be offered as a day program only, working from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. We will continue the safe, healthy, and comprehensive work the University has maintained and offered during these challenging days of Covid-19.  

Summer Voice FAQ

What is a typical daily schedule like for Summer Voice?

A typical daily Summer Voice schedule begins at 9am and ends at 5pm, Monday-Friday.

Each day will include a combination of the following courses:

  • Yoga or Alexander Technique
  • Music Theory and Aural Skills
  • Topic Workshops such as: Vocal Health, Audition Techniques, Marketing and Social Media and Resume Hints
  • Voice Class and Masterclasses (with both Summer Voice Faculty and Guest Faculty)
  • Private Voice Lessons
  • Musical Theater Class
  • Drama Games, Improv, Movement for Singers and Acting for Singers

Our daily schedule is designed to keep you busy and learning, but varied to make sure that your whole body is learning what it's like to be a singing actor! We work hard, but promise you'll enjoy every minute!

Sample Daily Schedule

How many private lessons will the student receive during the program?

Each student will receive one private voice lesson while they are with us. This could vary based upon the repertoire they bring with them and with the repertoire they are assigned once they arrive. However, students receive daily comprehensive, individual time with each instructor. We work in a team environment that has them singing one-on-one or within duets or trios of singers as we work on each individual's needs every day.

How will workshops impact musical growth?

Beyond the private and group lessons, we strive to give Summer Voice students a well-rounded idea of what is demanded of them as they begin to pursue their passion of singing. This includes both physical body work (Yoga, Alexander Technique and Movement for Singers) as well as the Topic Workshops (Vocal Health, Audition Techniques, How to Practice, Marketing, Resumes and Social Media) that help train the student how to take care of their instrument and how to begin promoting themselves professionally.

Will you offer music theory? Ear training?

One of the most important skills you can have as a voice student and professional musician is a solid grounding in Music Theory and Aural Skills. Both of these important skills will be taught every day.

What guest artists will you have?

In addition to our Summer Voice Faculty, students will also have the opportunity to sing for and interact with UNCSA's School of Music and A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute Voice Faculty including:

  • Dr. Marilyn Taylor
  • Mr. Glenn Siebert
  • Dr. Steven LaCosse

Subject to change

Will there be student recitals? If so, how many?

We provide several opportunities throughout the three weeks for students to participate in Masterclasses - performing their solo repertoire in front of their peers, faculty, and guest artists. Additionally, there is an incredible 90 minute final performance at the end of our three weeks together that combines all the work the students have done into a fun display of song, dance, drama, and games.

It is truly inspiring to watch their transformation!

Will there be mock auditions?

Yes, we will have mock auditions this season. This is an opportunity for students to sing for the UNCSA Voice Faculty and get immediate feedback on aspects of their performance on which to work.

What makes your program stand out from other summer music programs?

Summer Voice at UNCSA takes each individual singer and works with them on their level. We take a wide variety of students, focus their talent, offer them a place to thrive and to make mistakes. We encourage a supportive atmosphere that fosters learning from faculty and from each other.  We also take the time to focus on the full package. Singing is a full body sport. It is hard and demanding. We want our students to leave with a comprehensive overview of where they are in the process and what their next steps should be. And, we have fun doing it!