Graduate Collaborative Piano

Graduate Collaborative Piano

The innovative Collaborative Piano program at UNCSA partners you with musicians throughout the School of Music to give you a breadth of experience playing with both instrumentalists and singers while also refining your skills as a professional pianist.

The small size of the program, which is limited to four students, means you will have a close mentoring relationship with your faculty instructor, who is also an active musician. Through weekly private lessons and master classes, your studies are individualized and based on your personal needs and interests. Collaborative piano students apprentice alongside professionals, providing piano support for the School of Music. And because you will be collaborating with vocalists and instrumentalists, you are also in the unique position of being able to develop relationships with the faculty in those areas. 

While there is some specialization according to your own needs and interests, the graduate collaborative piano program is aimed at refining your skills to become a dynamic musician who can work across all disciplines and with a variety of instruments. Performance opportunities are many and include performing with partners in recitals, chamber groups and ensembles. There are two dedicated rehearsal spaces exclusively for the program and classes take place in Crawford Hall and Watson Hall, which feature the finest Steinway instruments.


Master of Music

Your coursework in the graduate program will include two seminars specific to collaborative piano: the literature seminar, which, during two years, focuses on principal instrumental and vocal literature, and the support skills seminar, which allows you to develop a myriad of professional skills. These seminars are also open to students majoring in piano and organ at the graduate level. To enhance the vocal component of this program, you will enroll in the diction classes for singers. You are also encouraged to include organ, harpsichord and/or conducting electives in your course of study. 

Professional Artist Certificate

If you already have a graduate degree, you may also choose to pursue a Professional Artist Certificate. This post-master’s program is designed to advance your career potential as a young professional pianist. If you are interested in independent studies offered through this program, you are encouraged to propose a one-year course of study that is tailored to your interests and experience.


Graduates of the collaborative piano program at UNCSA are all working professional musicians. Alumni work in staff positions in music schools and other institutions, pursue doctorate degrees, teach, play freelance and work as dance musicians.


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In addition to the Collaborative Piano program, the School of Music offers a graduate degree in piano:


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