Emergency Notification Policy

Daily Crime Log and Crime Reporting

The UNCSA Department of Police and Public Safety maintains a Daily Crime Log that is available for public inspection, upon request, during normal business hours.  For each crime that is reported and/or occurs in UNCSA police jurisdiction the log notes the date, time, nature of incident, incident location, and status. The Department may not log all case information immediately, if it may adversely effect an active investigation.  The information will be posted when it no longer jeopardizes the active case investigation.  

The UNCSA Department of Police and Public Safety collects and maintains all crime data in the UNCSA police jurisdiction and in all associated areas, as specified by the Clery Act.  Each year the Clery crime statistics are updated and the last three years of crime data published in accordance with the Clery definitions and guidelines. See the ANNUAL REPORT OF CLERY CRIME STATISTICS for the current Clery crime statistics.

Timely Crime Alerts

UNCSA Police will issue a timely crime alert warning to members of the UNCSA community when:

  • A crime is committed, and
  • The suspect is still at-large, and
  • There is a serious risk of harm to community members.

The decision to issue a timely warning is made by the Chief of Police or designee. Every attempt is made to gather and evaluate incoming information about a possible risk as quickly as possible. A timely warning will be issued as a CRIME ALERT within a reasonable amount of time, given the need to evaluate the validity of the information.   

At a minimum this applies to all Clery reportable crimes and any crimes involving serious bodily injury or the threat of serious bodily injury. The UNCSA Police may also choose to issue a Crime Alert for other situations, especially when there is an identifiable pattern of crimes involving persons or property where the information may assist community members in protecting themselves from becoming victimized.

Emergency Notifications

UNCSA has an emergency notification system with a number of tools including, but not limited to: text messaging, email, website, and outdoor speakers designed to send messages to the campus community in a timely manner. This system will be used to distribute information regarding emergencies and situations that pose an immediate threat to the campus and require quick community awareness and action. This includes situations such as: tornado warnings, building evacuations, and dangers requiring lock-down or shelter-in-place. 

UNCSA ALERT is our emergency notification system that provides phone (recorded voice/text-to-speech) messages, emails, text messages, and messages to UNCSA's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Faculty, staff and students will need to register and to make changes to their contact information in the UNCSA ALERT system.

Outside Call Box and Emergency Notification System: UNCSA has Emergency Call Box locations that have outside loud speakers integrated into the system. UNCSA Police will activate the outside loud speaker system to inform the community when needed.  The speakers will broadcast an audible tone followed by information and instructions.

Email: UNCSA police will send an all campus emergency message email to students, faculty and staff.  This message will be coordinated with the UNCSA Strategic Communications staff.

Website: UNCSA police will contact the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications to facilitate an emergency message and change of University status, as appropriate, for posting on the UNCSA website.  Given that test messages and loudspeaker messages need to be brief, the email and website sites will be used for longer messages and more detailed follow-up information about a complex or extended emergency.