High School Contemporary Dance

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High School Contemporary Dance

Our Contemporary Dance conservatory prepares talented young dancers for careers in professional companies throughout the world. Performance opportunities are numerous, with concerts throughout the year, many of which feature student choreography. Recent repertory choices feature a strong mix of the classic and cutting edge, with pieces by Robert Battle, Merce Cunningham, José Limón, Darrell Moultrie, Grady Bowman, Igal Perry and Twyla Tharp. Contemporary students will also be able to “taste” a variety of different styles during workshops, such as ballroom dance, hip-hop, African and jazz.

High School Dance Diploma

The High School Contemporary Dance program is open to students in the 11th grade, with special consideration given to exceptionally talented 10th graders. There are certain academic requirements and scheduling constraints that may prohibit enrolling a 10th grader in the Contemporary Dance program. In addition, consideration must be given to the ability of a 10th grade student to navigate the academic and dance training environments that include not only 11th and 12th grade students, but the full range of college-age students. Prior to a rising 10th grader being accepted into the Contemporary Dance program, the student and their parent/guardian are required to meet with the Academic Dean or Associate Dean, and the Director of High School Life.

All contemporary students audition for the school’s major productions, performing alongside college students if selected. Students not selected take part in repertory classes that have performances at the end of each term. Students also have the chance to perform in works choreographed by college seniors. 

In addition to these dance courses, the high school academic program is highly valued as an integral component in the education of our students. All 10th grade contemporary dancers take four academic courses. Contemporary dancers in 11th grade may take three or four academic courses, and 12th grade students may take between two and four academic courses.

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