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Summer Dance

Apply & Audition

In order to enroll in the 2024 Summer Dance Intensives, you must register for an audition, either on the UNCSA campus (see below dates) or by video submission. Please register to audition for your preferred intensive. Applicants must have a completed online audition registration in order to recieve an admissions decision. 

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Recorded Audition Content Requirements

If submitting a video audition, please read all of the below instructions carefully. Applicants' audition videos that do not cover all required criteria will not be considered for admission.

General Requirements and Submission Instructions

  • After completing the audition registration online, submit a single video link (YouTube or Vimeo) or link to a file (Google Drive or Dropbox file) no more than 10 minutes in length, via email to Include the dancer's full name, intensive that the dancer is auditioning for, and the dancer's date of birth in the subject line of the email. 
  • Applicants auditioning to both Ballet and Contemporary Dance should include both program's requirements in one audition video, and indicate their interest for both programs in the subject of the email with their included audition video.
  • Videos:
    • Should only show one side of each combination
    • Must be framed to show the applicant's full body throughout.
    • Must not include any dancers other than the applicant.
    • Must be filmed no more than three months prior to submission.
  • Video is not to be submitted if auditioning on campus. (See On-campus Audition below.)
  • The deadline for video auditions is May 15, 2024.  However, we strongly encourage submitting video auditions no later than February 10 due to limited space in the program. 
  • If you need to change your audition registration to a different on campus audition date, please contact Samantha Burns at

Audition attire

  • Applicants must be wearing practice dance attire and proper footwear.
  • Do not wear skirts, loose fitting tee-shirts or leg warmers.
  • Wear clothing that contrasts with the filming environment so you can be seen clearly and stand out from the background.

If applying to Ballet

Video audition must include:

  • Barre Work (maximum of 5 minutes; only one side needed of each combination)
    • pliés
    • tendus
    • adagio
    • grand battements
  • Center Work (maximum 5 minutes)
    • Adagio
    • Pirouette combination with pirouettes en‐dehors and endedans.
    • Allegro combinations:
        • Petite allegro
        • Grand allegro (optional, if enough space to execute the combination safely.)
    • Pointework (ladies only):
      • échappés
      • retirés
      • double pirouettes en‐dehors
      • double pirouettes en‐dedans on pointe.
    • Men's technique (men only):
      • tours en l’air (right and left)

If applying to Contemporary

Video audition must include:

  • Barre Work (maximum of 5 minutes; only one side needed of each combination)
    • plié
    • tendu/degage
    • rond de jambe
    • passé développé (front, side and back)
    • grand battement
    • balance on one leg in attitude derriere
  • Center Work (maximum 2 minutes)
    • Three modern or contemporary dance phrases that travel across the floor:
      • one demonstrating the use of space
      • one demonstrating chaine and pique turns
      • one demonstrating grand jeté

If applying to Professional Studies

Please include the following.

  • CV or résumé in PDF format
  • A link to a 3 - 5 minute unedited solo video of yourself (Youtube or Vimeo link preferred). This can be a clip from a performance, rehearsal, or an improv solo from a studio or home.

On-Campus Audition Information

In-person summer dance auditions will consist of a short ballet class, followed by pointe work for students interested in the ballet summer intensive, and then will conclude with contemporary work for all students. A solo and photos are not required for the summer dance audition.

Students interested in the ballet and contemporary intensives will have the option to be evaluated for both programs at the time of their in-person audition. If you are auditioning by video submission, please include both programs' requirements in one audition video.

On-Campus Audition Dates

Saturday, January 27, 2024
Saturday, February 3, 2024
Saturday, February 10, 2024

Application Assistance

If you have any questions about the audition and enrollment process, please email UNCSA Summer Dance Program Manager Samantha Burns at

If you have any questions about the intensive, please contact Summer Program Director Ashley Lindsey at