High School Ballet

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High School Ballet

The rigorous and nurturing conservatory approach in our Classical Ballet concentration molds our students into technically advanced dancers and stylistically versatile artists. Our students perform in at least three to four major productions each year, and have the chance to choreograph their own short works as they progress through the program. In addition to our world-class ballet faculty, guest professionals, such as Alexander Brady, Helen Pickett, Diana White and Natalia Makarova, regularly visit UNCSA to teach workshops. The School of Dance is open to college-age students, as well as a program for high school students.

High School Diploma

The high school Classical Ballet program is open to all students of at least 13 years of age and in the ninth grade. Courses focus on ballet technique, contemporary technique, pointe, ballet partnering, dance composition, improvisation, and the command and development of character, and are provided for a range of technical abilities. 

Our students have the opportunity to audition for the annual “The Nutcracker” performance as well as many other major school productions. Those not cast will be enrolled in repertory classes that have performances opportunities at the end of the term. Students also have the chance to perform in works choreographed by college seniors. 

In addition to these dance components, the high school academic program is highly valued as an integral component in the education of our students. All 10th grade Classical Ballet students take four academic courses. Students in the 11th grade may take three or four academic courses, and 12th grade students may take between two and four academic courses.

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