Parking Policies

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Department of Police and Public Safety (UNCSA DPPS) is responsible for enforcing all parking and traffic laws in accordance with the authority vested in it by the Board of Trustees under North Carolina General Statutes 116.44.4.  Our jurisdiction covers all University owned and leased property including: buildings, parking lots, streets immediately adjoining public streets, and satellite locations. All drivers are expected to drive with extreme caution while on UNCSA owned or controlled property. UNCSA police officers do enforce traffic regulations. Please abide by the posted speed limits, honor all pedestrian crosswalks, and come to a full stop at all STOP signs.  At all times obey police officer verbal commands and traffic direction.

Traffic and Parking Policy (PDF) Parking and Vehicle Forms

  • All students, faculty, and staff who park on UNCSA property must display a valid parking decal or temporary permit, appropriately placed, on the vehicle being parked.  This includes Center Stage Apartments.
  • Decals shall be clearly visible and affixed to the exterior of the rear windshield on the passenger side of the vehicle.  Motorcycles shall place the decal on the rear fender. 
  • Any decal holders who are temporarily driving a different vehicle are required to get a temporary parking permit (at no cost) from the UNCSA Department of Police and Public Safety.

Decals, replacement decals, and temporary permits are all issued by the UNCSA Department of Police and Public Safety.  All vehicles are required to have the legal minimum NC liability insurance coverage, even if the vehicle is registered in another state. You will need to complete a vehicle registration form and take it to the cashier’s office in the Welcome Center to pay for the decal. If you are an employee, you pay through payroll deduction. After paying for the decal you will need to bring the receipt and the vehicle registration form to the Department of Police and Public Safety to get your decal. During Move-in Day Orientation, there will be a one-stop pay and parking decal table in the Hanes Commons for students.

Parking Maps

Parking Decal Fees

Full academic year: August 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021

Note: Due to COVID-19, there is no increase in fees for the 2020-2021 year.



Extra Decals/Replacements: $5

Full-time, Part-Time & Temporary Faculty/Staff

  • General: $8 month/$96 year
  • Premium: $13 month/$156 year

Extra Decals/Replacements: $10 each

Paid through payroll deduction only.

Summer School only

Summer students: $25

Summer Faculty/Staff: $25

Speed Limit, Drop-off and Loading Zones, Towing

  • The speed limit on campus is 10mph
  • There is NO PARKING on Chapel St.
  • There is no drop-off directly in front of Workplace.  Drop-off must be at the sidewalk behind de Mille.  This sidewalk leads to Workplace and will be maintained for pedestrians.
  • Loading zones near buildings should be used for the posted time and then your vehicle moved to allow others to access the space.

UNCSA Police will enforce parking rules through citing violations, wheel locking vehicles (cost is $65.00 plus citation) and towing. UNCSA towing cost is $100 plus citation fine. Also, fees and other costs are charged by and paid directly to the towing company. If you are wheel locked for having no decal, you will also need to pay the full cost for a parking decal in order to park anywhere on campus or be subject to future citations, wheel locks, and possibly towing.

Special Needs

UNCSA Police make every effort to assist guests with special needs. This includes needed parking accommodations, vehicular escorts, or other special requests to assist in a unique circumstance. Please call 336-770-3321 with any requests.