UNCSA offers intensives to day camps in Dance, Drama, Filmmaking, Music, Visual Arts and more this summer

UNCSA has announced details for its Summer Intensives in Dance, Drama, Filmmaking, Animation, Music, Visual Arts and more, held annually on campus at 1533 S. Main St.

UNCSA also offers summer day camps and evening classes for younger students and adults during June and July.

Taught by UNCSA faculty and distinguished guest artists and reflecting the conservatory rigor of the school’s renowned high school and undergraduate programs, the Summer Intensives offer hands-on experience and performance opportunities with access to the state-of-the art facilities and equipment at UNCSA. The Summer Intensives are open to students ranging in age from 12 to adult, with most geared toward high school students. Registration and audition scheduling (if required) is open on the UNCSA website.

Musical Theater Class 2019 / Photo: Lauren Olinger

Musical Theater Class 2019 / Photo: Lauren Olinger

“The students arrive to UNCSA from all over the United States and abroad with this phenomenal energy and passion for their art,” said Cameron MacManus, interim director of the UNCSA Community and Summer Programs and director of the Community Music School. “It’s amazing how quickly they adapt to the rigors of their programs, meet new friends and seem at home on campus. The teaching faculty create experiences that elevate each student’s individual artistry and collaborative skills and send them back to their high school or college programs with new skills and fresh perspectives. I like to think that UNCSA contributes to their journeys as artists and human beings in ways that will continue to unfold for years to come.”

Dance Intensives

June 23-July 20

Summer Dance Intensives 2022 / Photo: Ashley Lindsey

Summer Dance Intensives 2022 / Photo: Ashley Lindsey

UNCSA Summer Dance Intensives offer a range of concentrations and a holistic approach for serious students interested in pursuing a career in dance. The programs provide personal attention from faculty experts from the renowned School of Dance at UNCSA as well as performance opportunities.

“The intensives are a great steppingstone for students who are interested in pursuing their high school and college dance education at UNCSA,” said Ashley Lindsey, director of UNCSA summer dance programs. “Each intensive is designed to fit the needs of serious dance artists at any point in their training or career, providing gifted emerging artists with the experience, knowledge and skills needed to excel in their disciplines and lives.”

Contemporary and Ballet Intensives: June 23-July 20 (ages 12-18, audition required)

The Contemporary and Classical Ballet Summer Intensives are separate, four-week intensives taught by prominent School of Dance faculty and distinguished guest artists. The programs offer a cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary approach to ballet and contemporary dance. Dancers receive unparalleled personal attention with a small faculty-to-student ratio. Classes offered include technique, classical ballet, composition, improvisation, phrase work, repertory, yoga, Pilates and conditioning alongside master classes in a range of styles including jazz, musical theater, hip-hop and ballroom. Seminars and Q&As will cover topics including careers in the arts, dancer wellness, injury prevention, mental wellness and dance history.

Additionally, students ages 15–18 will have the opportunity to audition and work with guest choreographers participating in UNCSA’s Choreographic Institute, who are among the leading dance-makers in the contemporary dance world (choreographers to be announced at a later date). The program will conclude with students performing new works from their repertory classes.

Professional Studies Intensive: July 14-20 (15-25, audition required)

The Professional Studies Intensive offers a one-week deep dive into the creative process, teaching methodology and repertory of some of today's leading contemporary dance choreographers. Classes include improvisation, repertory and new creations, alongside seminars and Q&As on careers in the arts, the business of dance, injury prevention and mental wellness.

For the third year in a row, students will take part in the creation of a new dance film directed and choreographed by UNCSA Dance alumni Lindsey and guest artist Grady Bowman of GXA Creative. Additional faculty for this summer’s program includes professional dancer/choreographers Sidra Bell, Gavin Stewart and Brandon Cournay.

Drama Intensive

June 23-July 13 (ages 15-18)

Drama Summer Intensive / Photo: Lauren Olinger

Drama Summer Intensive / Photo: Lauren Olinger

The UNCSA Drama Summer Intensive offers the opportunity to train with faculty from the renowned School of Drama, ranked third in the world by The Hollywood Reporter, with a multidisciplinary approach to training for the stage, film and television. Students will spend their days focused on fundamentals of the craft: acting, dancing and singing, through two tracks: acting and musical theater. UNCSA alumnus and television and Broadway actor/singer Wesley Taylor (“Only Murders in the Building,” “Smash,” “The Addams Family”) will teach musical theater classes. Both tracks provide on-camera training.

“During the Summer Drama Intensive, students get a taste of what it's like to train in a real conservatory setting,” said Quin Gordon, Drama faculty member and director of its summer program. “In the acting track, we help students explore their natural instrument, enhancing their ability to convey stories effectively. In the musical theater track, singers learn to become captivating storytellers. But beyond the skills, it's about the experience of connecting with fellow artists and forging bonds that endure long after the program ends.”

Filmmaking Intensive

June 23-July 20 (ages 15-18)

Filmmaking Summer Intensive 2023 / Photo: Janos Kovacsi

Filmmaking Summer Intensive 2023 / Photo: Janos Kovacsi

The Filmmaking Summer Intensive is a comprehensive, hands-on college preparatory program immersing students in all aspects of filmmaking including screenwriting, cinematography, directing, producing, digital editing and portrait photography. Students will develop their own individual projects, serve in key crew positions, participate in screenings and offer feedback on each other’s projects. They will use the UNCSA School of Filmmaking’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment while receiving guidance from resident faculty and guest artists. All projects developed in the program will be screened in a two-day festival and compete for awards in 10 different categories. The program is led by UNCSA faculty member Janos Kovacsi, an experienced director and screenwriter. 

Animation Intensive 

June 23-July 6 (introductory); July 7-20 (advanced) (rising high school freshmen - college freshmen)

The Animation Summer Intensive offers both introductory and advanced programs exploring visual storytelling, storyboarding, cinematography, directing, animation production, editing and sound design. Students will gain hands-on knowledge of hand-drawn animation and 3D computer animation, with individual instruction from our highly experienced professional animators and the collaborative efforts of fellow student animators. Presentations and screenings will delve into the history and fundamentals of animation while giving insight into the tools and techniques of animated storytelling. Students will participate in critiques and screen their own work for families and friends. Joe Lopina of the School of Filmmaking will lead the intensive.

Music Intensive

June 23-July 20 (ages vary)

Voice Summer Intensive 2018 / Photo:  Lauren Olinger

Voice Summer Intensive 2018/ Photo: Lauren Olinger

The School of Music at UNCSA offers Music Summer Intensives taught by faculty and guest artists. Students receive one-on-one training and are immersed in a supportive musical environment with state-of-art instruments and concert halls, private practice areas, an extensive music library, and performance and demonstration opportunities.

"The Summer Music Intensives serve as a conduit for budding and seasoned students alike to transition into the realm of their professional careers,” said Saxton Rose, dean of the School of Music. “Countless alumni have leveraged these intensives to build the confidence that paves their way to admission to UNCSA and prestigious music opportunities nationwide."

Summer Composition/Music Technology: June 23 - July 13 (high school freshmen - college sophomores)

The Composition/Music Technology Summer Intensive is for composers with or without formal training who have already created their own music but who want to expand their creative perspective and technique. Students will study creating music for film, songwriting, and composing music for the concert stage. The program includes individual composition lessons plus courses in composition techniques, music technology, songwriting, music notation, recording, orchestration, harmony, counterpoint ear training and improvisation. Taught by composer Michael S. Rothkopf, students in this intensive will create music using the latest digital technology as well as work with live performers. The program is a great preparatory workshop for students who will be auditioning for college and conservatory composition programs in the fall.

Harp Intensive: June 23 - June 29 (ages 12 to adults)

UNCSA annually hosts the American Harp Academy on campus, led by UNCSA faculty member and Harp Department Chair Jacquelyn Bartlett. Harpists participate in intensive study with world-class performers and dedicated teachers in a program designed to prepare harpists for competitions, auditions, recitals, repertoire expansion and other artistic ambitions.

Organ Intensive: July 14-20 (ages 13-18)

UNCSA’s Summer Pipe Organ Encounter and Summer Pipe Organ Intensive, taught by UNCSA faculty member and Organ Department Chair Timothy Olsen, is a five-day, dual-track event that offers either an opportunity for young pianists to explore pipe organs or an opportunity for young organists to further their knowledge of the instrument and repertoire. The programs provide an overview of organ literature, history, pipe organ construction and design, improvisation and other related topics.

Piano Intensive: June 23-July 13 (ages 12-25)

Taught by UNCSA faculty members Dmitri Shteinberg and Dmitri Vorobiev, the UNCSA Piano Summer Intensive provides a unique immersive learning and performance experience for both emerging talent and seasoned artists. In addition to daily workshops and seminars, each student receives two one-hour weekly lessons. Performance opportunities include weekly master classes and on-campus concerts, as well as numerous outreach concerts scheduled throughout the Winston Salem area.

Voice Intensive: June 23-July 13 (rising seventh graders - high school students)

UNCSA voice faculty, alumni and guest artists lead the Voice Summer Intensive through lessons, group voice classes, Alexander Technique, yoga, music theory, aural skills, stage combat, drama and improvisation. Using varying musical styles including classical art song, opera and musical theater, the course is designed to enhance technique, build upon the singer’s existing foundation, and help develop complete artists and singing actors. The program is directed by soprano Amanda Moody-Schumpert, an alumna of the A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute.

Visual Arts Intensive 

June 23 - July 20 (ages 14-18)

Visual Arts Summer Intensive / Photo: Lauren Olinger

Visual Arts Summer Intensive / Photo: Lauren Olinger

The Visual Arts Summer Intensive offers classes in drawing and design. Students will explore historical concepts and practices and contemporary imagery through slide shows, lectures and library assignments. They’ll also participate in classroom critiques and show their work in a virtual gallery exhibition for families and friends. Design, taught by UNCSA High School Visual Arts faculty member Kaitlin Wilson Botts, is a studio course offering an introduction to the basic elements of design, helping students develop visual problem-solving skills in a variety of media and sharpen a sense of optical awareness and craftsmanship. Studies addressing line, value, proportion, perspective, principles of design and layout are employed to facilitate artistic interpretation and compositional control. 

Assistant Dean and Director of Visual Arts Will Taylor will teach drawing, a studio course designed to provide students with a solid drawing foundation, including elements of line, gesture, shape, value, texture, space, scale, proportion, composition and perspective. Students will develop their ability to articulate the ideas, options, obstacles and motivations that direct the drawing process. Assignments and exercises will help students develop technical skills and broaden conceptual thinking.

Community Summer Programs

June-July (ages 3-16, plus adults)

Acting Out day camp 2019 / Photo: Lauren Olinger

Acting Out day camp 2019 / Photo: Lauren Olinger

UNCSA also offers summer day camps and evening classes for younger students and adults, including:

Visit our community program summer pages for more information and registration for Community Summer Programs. 

Visit our summer intensive pages for information, registration and audition scheduling for UNCSA Summer Intensives.

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