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UNCSA Crime Log

Case Disposition Terms

Closed: No further investigative action is required.
Clear by Arrest: The individual or individuals have been taken into custody in reference to a pervious crime or have been charged in relations to a new crime.
Closed by Referral: the individual(s) involved in the case have been referred to a non-law enforcement campus entity (Dean of Students and/or Residence Life and Housing).
Open/Further Investigation: The case is currently under active investigation by University Police personnel.
Inactive: The case has been left open but is not being actively investigated.
Unfounded: The case is determined through investigation to be false or baseless.

Case # Occurred on/or Between Reported Nature Location Disposition
220173 2022-11-12
3:22 am
3:22 am
Drug Violation 1900 Sunnyside Ave. Winston Salem NC 27127
Referral Issued
220171 2022-11-09
3:09 pm
3:09 pm
Drug Violation 2000 Center Stage Court Winston Salem NC 27127
Referral Issued
220170 2022-11-09
Alcohol Violation 1821 Kenan Drive Winston Salem NC 27127
Referral Issued
220162 2022-10-12
12:00 pm
Stalking 1533 South Main Street Winston Salem NC 27127
220161 2022-10-30
9:43 am
9:43 am
Drug Violation 1809 Sunnyside Ave, Winston Salem NC 27127
Clear by Arrest

Aggregate traffic stop information is available through the State of North Carolina traffic stop reporting database.