Face-to-Face Academic Classes

Face-to-Face Academic Classes

Community Design Studio

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TBA HUM 1198 Topics in Humanities: Community Design Studio (3 Credits) B. Towns

Led by an environmental designer and practicing architect, a multidisciplinary group of students will use the design as a means for exploring the user experience of alternative forms of transit and prototyping solutions to provide mobility for all. The final prototype could take many forms, from a simple structure to an informational piece, and will be created to benefit the community after the course ends. Using observation, interaction, experience and immersion, students will be engaged in learning about systems and issues impacting residents of Winston-Salem. This course is in partnership with the Community Design Studio.

Applying, Tuition and Important Dates:
The cost and deadlines for this course align with the Tuition and Important Dates of other summer academic classes. Students should apply for this course following the same process as other summer academic classes: 

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