Filmmaking Curriculum

Filmmaking Curriculum

The School of Filmmaking online From Page to Screen program is a combination of hands-on narrative scriptwriting, directorial preparedness through visualization, cinematography, editing, producing, working with the actor and mastering of a strategic plan of execution.

Filmmaking is a collective art form with critical moments of individual creativity. From Page to Screen places the emphasis on the latter. Prospective students will be enrolled in virtual sections made up by ten to twelve members and led by Screenwriting, Cinematography and Directing faculty assisted by upper classman or graduate teaching assistants.

The program is structured into a four-week training session. During the first half of each instructional day participants will attend a two-to-three-hour online presentation including short prompt writing assignments and more elaborate daily homework that will also be submitted online. Students will also attend daily Q&A sessions with their instructors or teaching assistants analyzing their daily assignments. Some of these Q&A sessions will be held individually and others as a team.

Once thorough script revisions have taken place, students will be introduced to the individual aspects of directing: Conceptualization and visualization. Through presentations and Q&A panels students will learn how to break down their scripts, create strategic visual plans and develop them into overheads and storyboards, and different shot lists. These plans will follow the dramatic flow of events and consider the physical logistics of the filmmaking. Students will be also immersed in the language of actors and the sensitive process of efficient communicating with the actors who will represent the directorial concept on the screen.

During the From Page to Screen program students will be able to access Adobe Creative Cloud programs including Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop after Effects, etc. Based on footage shot by School of Filmmaking faculty and teaching assistants, students will be taught the theory and practical application of editing. By the end of the program students will have developed an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the complexity of narrative filmmaking and walk away with camera-ready projects that can be shot in the students’ home environment as independent projects.

Additionally, From Page to Screen will dedicate increased attention to social networking and building creative ties among ambitious rising filmmakers living cities, states or even continents apart. Daily classes will start at 11:00 AM EST making sure that participants living in Central, Mountain or Pacific Standard Time zones will be able to maintain a manageable schedule. Following the morning session and a lunch break classes will end 5:15 PM EST. Please be aware that attendance in the program will also require daily execution and submission of a diverse range of assignments.

There is no prerequisite to attend the program, however, participants need to have secure access to an Internet-ready computer and a device capable of recording still and/or moving images such as a DSLR camera or mobile phone that records and outputs still and moving images in standard format. Still and/or moving images assignments will be submitted to Instructors on a regular basis.

Both U.S. and international students are welcome to participate in the UNCSA School of Filmmaking renowned summer program

For further information, contact Janos J. Kovacsi at 336-770-1341 or email