Animation Curriculum

Filmmaking Summer Intensives
Animation Curriculum

The Introductory program, open to rising high school freshmen through incoming college freshmen, will introduce first-time students to the fundamentals of animation. The Advanced program will lead returning students to more advanced studies in the field.

Within our conservatory approach to learning, you will experience all the elements of animation first–hand: visual storytelling, storyboarding, cinematography, directing, animation production, editing, and sound design. You will also gain hands-on knowledge of various forms of animation such as hand-drawn animation, stop motion animation and 3D computer animation, with individual instruction from our highly-experienced professional animators and the collaborative efforts of your fellow student animators.

Beyond the studio, you will dive into the history, fundamentals and execution of animation through online lectures, presentations and screenings with the goal of enhancing your appreciation and awareness of the tools and techniques of animated storytelling as well as their impact on the audience. You will participate in virtual critiques throughout the two-week session, and participate in an online screening and virtual reception for families and friends as a grand finale. No prior experience is required for first-time attendees, just your serious passion for developing your own animation and storytelling skills.

The Advanced program builds on what you have learned, and goes into deeper explorations of storyboarding, character design, cinematography and color usage, directing, animation production, editing, and sound design. We also introduce new elements of animation production such as screenwriting, character design, and acting for animators.  In 2021 a new 3D track will be offered during the Advanced session.

For both sessions, program delivery will be by Zoom and other platforms as needed.  Students will use free trial versions of Toon Boom Harmony Advanced, Autodesk Maya, Stop Motion Studio.

Required for both sessions:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Computer or laptop (PC preferred - Windows 7 or newer). If Mac, needs macOS 10.12 or better
  • Drawing tablet (preferably a pen display)
  • Alternatively a 2-in-1 (laptop with a touch-screen/drawing tablet built into it)