Animation Curriculum

Filmmaking Summer Intensives

Animation Curriculum

Students with no prior experience will first learn the history and fundamentals of animation. They will apply this knowledge immediately as they move into the studio and begin to animate, starting off with hand-drawn flip books, and moving on to Wacom Cintiqs. During the second week of classes, they will work with stop motion animation and progress to 3D computer animation with Maya.

During the two-week program, participants will learn about:

  • visual storytelling
  • screenwriting
  • storyboarding
  • cinematography
  • directing
  • animation production
  • editing
  • narrative script development: character, plot, conflict, structure and format

More experienced students will develop their own screenplay for animation production. All completed student screenplays will be put into production in the style of their choice; either hand-drawn animation, stop motion animation, or 3D Computer animation. Students are also allowed and encouraged to team up to develop a shared project. Students will begin with a review of their previous studies, attend specialty classes to further their knowledge and storytelling abilities, as well as advance their animation skills in a production environment as they produce their short films. Students will receive personalized attention and one-on-one training with the instructor in their area of interest.

Along with creating a series of short animations in a variety of mediums, participants will watch and analyze animated films from the School's extensive film archive, and attend specialty classes in all the above fields. The program concludes with an animation festival in which all student projects are screened.