Broadway Commercial Dance Lab

Broadway Commercial Dance Lab

Directed by Broadway legend Elizabeth Parkinson, this program focuses on the very unique and varied skill set every Broadway and Commercial dancer must have.

Session 1 (2 weeks)

June 21 - July 3, 2020

Session 2 (2 weeks)

July 6 - July 17, 2020

Broadway Commercial Dance Lab has been reconceived to take advantage of distance learning. We are creating a program that takes advantage of the technology and situation at hand. We will be using Zoom as our distance learning platform.

Class sizes will be reduced to create a more intimate relationship between student and instructor.

  • Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor based on their interests. Students will meet independently with their mentor throughout the two weeks.
  • Acting classes will focus on individual monologues and self-taping techniques.
  • Tre Holloway will be leading students through a study of iconic music video choreography. Practice will include viewing, analysis, and learning choreography as repertory. Tre will also be leading conditioning classes with individualized attention.
  • Noel Bajandas’ street jazz classes will have a strong focus on dancing and style for the camera.
  • In addition to learning choreography, students will be given independent video projects, learn how to produce and edit high quality home dance videos for creative expression or online audition purposes.
  • All choreographers and teachers will choose repertory and choreography that is suited for small spaces.
  • Knowledgeable professionals will be brought in for Q&A sessions including but not limited to: Audition techniques, performing arts college discussion, the business of the commercial dancer, and other necessary topics for dancers seeking a professional dance career.


  • High speed internet
  • A space that is at least 6x6 ft to work in.
  • A smart phone or GoPro for video work.
  • A computer, iPad, or phone for Zoom. A larger screen will make for a more comfortable experience
  • A ballet barre is not necessary. All ballet will be center barre work.
  • A yoga mat